Condor Concierge

Event Planning

The Concept

Condor Security engaged The Concept Agency for the launch of their new brand, Condor Concierge. For their new website, we developed the website copy, and blog posts, conceptualizing their messaging and tone to convey their mission to their audience. To launch the brand, we created a press release and coordinated a high-end cocktail event to introduce their new company to their community.



In a world in which AI and automation are being introduced into people’s homes, self-checkouts are replacing cashiers, driverless cars are making their way onto our roads, and a large percentage of business meetings are being conducted over Skype, it’s natural to be excited about new digital innovations that promise to simplify our lives or make our businesses more efficient. Many new technologies really are improvements on traditional ways of doing things–for example, being able to work and conduct meetings remotely has opened up the job market in some pretty far-reaching ways…

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